My 13 year old daughter snuck out the house twice the other night…Now What?

THE CHALLENGE: So my 13 year old daughter snuck out the house twice the other night. I have no clue what to do. Phone is gone and shes grounded for 2 weeks but nothing seems to phase her I am at a loss.😔

THE FEEDBACK: What do you think you need to do? Do you think taking her phone away is going to make her change her behavior? What is going on in her world now? Has anything changed around the house? Teen’s start acting out between the ages of 13-15. Some a little earlier and some a little later. You can try to get the police involved. They may help or create more tension and cause her to act out even more. Have you tried to talk to her and ask her how she is doing without judgement, rescuing or offering her advice. Sometime all they want is someone to hear them and when parents don’t listed they find solace in speaking with their friends. We have to remember that these days with social media, texting, face time, etc. their peers are in constant communication with them and we sort of get shut out. When they have that attachment to their peers they are easily influenced and it fosters bad behaviors. So how can you find a way to make her your friend so she confided in you instead of her friends. What does she love to do. Take her some place that she likes and have a conversation with her as a friend and not her parent.Don’t have this conversation in the house because that is not really a place where they feel safe because it is your house and your rules. They have had enough of our parenting and are looking for someone to share their world with. How can you find a way to understand the world she is living in. We were teens once so you have to do a little digging to find a way in. Resourcefulness is the key ingredient and never give up trying different things….because eventually you will find what works. All my Love and support on your journey. 🤘

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