I’m in a fight with myself…Now What?

THE CHALLENGE: Well so far this morning my daughter has gotten in trouble because she can’t stop talking long enough to make it to class on time, and all of her classes are on the same level. There was a riot at the high school and my son got maced standing on the side lines, and because he didn’t keep it moving he got ISS for a whole week. I had quit my job due to some management issues but one of the higher ups asked me to come back so I’m in a fight with myself do I go back or stand my ground AND ITS NOT EVEN NOON!!!

THE FEEDBACK: What do you want to do? Can you be with your kids at school?. Our teens sometimes make poor choices. They grow when the are faced with consequences. This makes them better adults who learn coping skills in their teens. We try to shelter them so much and in the end it makes them weak adults. What could you have done when your daughter was talking in school? Could you have changed anything? Can you control riots at your son’s school and preventing a macing? Doing things that makes us happy shows up in how we love our children. So what do you want from this life you have been given? Do you want to go back to work or hang out at home and wait for the phone to ring to react to things you couldn’t control in the first place. We always have choices and the one you make will be the right one. In the end we can either love our teens or control them

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Richard Pryor
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