My daughter is faking sick…Now What?

THE CHALLENGE: How do you deal with children faking sick? When my daughter stays home with a cold, she has a really hard time going back and she was getting ready, but then she came out of the bathroom looking sad and said she just threw-up water. I didn’t hear any puking noises. I think she just doesn’t want to go back.

So I’m cooking bacon now to see if she asks for any. 😂

COACH RICHIE: My wife used to tell our son.”Let me call Dad and see what he thinks about you being sick”. FINE. I can go to school. Is it your first instinct is that she is lying? Does she lie about other things? Have you ever taken her temperature, have you ever offered to call 911 or take her to the emergency room to get looked at. If they are faking than this is the easiest way to call their bluff. However, we need to make sure we are acknowledging their emotions because if they are truly sick we do not want them going through life hiding their feelings and emotions from others. They will end up wanting to escape into a world where they are not being judged, they can express their emotions without having the feeling that they are not trusted or they are lying about how they feel. When it goes to this level they find others to trust instead of us as parents and that typically ends up being their peers..who most often will offer them bad advice and they will begin to start plotting against the parents and make them an enemy of the state. We can love them or control them, but we can’t do both. Go with your heart and you will always make the right choice. 🤘

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