My son got high before school…Now What?

Dear Coach Richie: Not a good morning my son got high this morning before school. I confronted him things did not end good. I just want to get in my car and drive away far away

Coach Richie: Yes. Getting high before school. The teenage years. Of course things didn’t end good. Because when you confront a teen in a bad state what do you think their reaction will be. Same as yours. Anger and frustration. Then both of your days are ruined. They are going to do what they are going to to do. They are finding their identity and exploring who they are and what their place in this world will be. This event is in the past so you can’t change it. In the future, you could give this a try. #1 take 24. Take 24 hours to get hold of your emotions and approach this situation from a place of calm and peace. that way he will be calm and peaceful #2 Understand where he is in his life. Empathize with him. You were once a teenager right? Tell him about what you did. Let him know he is not alone and you understand his wanting to try things and experiment. Please no jarring here (judging, Advising or Rescuing). Tell him how you feel about what he is doing. Your emotions, sad, frustration, fear.etc. Then don’t say anything. Give him the space to open up and talk with you instead of talking at him. #3 empower him to come up with a solution to this problem. Give him 24 hours to see if you both can come up with some options to solve this challenge. He will feel in control instead of being controlled. Hope something here works. You can love them or control them but you can’t do both. 🤘  

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