My 17 year old is vaping. Now What?…

Dear Coach Richie: So ,l knew my 17 year old is vaping but now l just found a thing that looked like a vaping pen with oil inside. He just turn around and said is weed in oil base😡😡😖😖like it’s all normal 😢😢l really don’t know how to handle this. I can’t kick him out because his a minor .

Coach Richie: Is that really what you think he needs? Would you be ok with the consequences of him living on the street even if he was 18. A couple of questions to ask yourself. What are you afraid of as a result of his vaping? Would you rather have a relationship with your son that is vaping or have no relationship with your son that is still going to vape and hates you for trying to control him? Life is very short. We are not guaranteed any second chances in life. Another question to ask yourself.

Why do you need to handle anything? What is your fear of him vaping? Have you actually spoken with him (not at him) to let him know how his vaping makes you feel? Sad, Burt, worried? What were you like at his age? Did you try smoking? He is trying to fit in with his friends and when they connect to a teen tribe they will do anything to be accepted including vaping and drugs. If you push him he will push back and move further away from you. Which will push him into that teen cult where nothing good is ever happening. If you choose to make your stand here and try to control this you will lose him for a long time. He still needs your guidance and mentoring So you can help him discover his identity and purpose. His friends won’t help him with that.

They will make him a clone of them. Which usually turns into him hating you and him ending f up going down the wrong path. If I were you I would try to see past this and not question on how to handle him. But ask myself how I can bring him closer and love him more so I can support him on his journey. If not it will feel as though you are controlling him and he will run. I would rather be loving than be right.

Take some time to really think how you want your relationship him to evolve. They can become our best friends once they turn 25 years old. That is when they mature and that is gold. I lost my son when he was 27 so please think real hard about the future relationship because sometimes we don’t get another chance at making things right. You have this option right now and it is in your control. So think about it. You can love them or control them but you can’t do both. 🤘 you got this . 

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