How to get my teen out of bed?

DEAR COACH RICHIE: Can you give me some tips on how to get my teen out of bed in the morning. Iv tried earlier bed time, taking away electronics and friends. I’m running out of ideas. Any tips?

COACH RICHIE: How to get your teen out of bed is not easy. A couple of questions before you go down this path again. Would taking things away from you that make you get out of bed in the morning? What if he doesn’t get out of bed? What is the worst thing that could happen to him? If that happens what will he learn? What gift are you keeping from him by working your butt off trying to figure out how to get him up? What if you just let it be? Because if you let him be do you think he may figure it out on his own?

Consequence work magic and are gifts to help them learn from life. The more you take away and punish the more they feel as though they need to defy you…by staying in bed and doing anything that will drive you crazy. Time to parent out of the box. Whatever is not working do the opposite. If it doesn’t work you are no worse off. Sit for a moment on these questions and come at this problem from a different perspective and from a different space. You can love them or control them but you can’t do both.

Especially punish him into getting out of bed. What if he has sleep apnea and can’t get a good nights sleep? What about his life is filled with so much anxiety that he can’t fall asleep? Understand his world and you will understand his behavior. You can love them or control them but you can’t do both. Especially get them out of bed. 🤘

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