Teenager Breaks the Rules

My teenager breaks the rules. This question from a parent is not about a teenager breaking the rules it is more about what is the going on with her son’s behavior that is causing this current challenge. Is he screaming for help and the parent is not hearing him? What other questions should we be asking when our teenage son or daughter acts out of character? What are they trying to tell us that we can’t hear. Listen to this video if you ever wondered about why a teenager acts the way they do and what it could mean as a parent.

My 11yo daughter told me that her brother 15(m) had been talking about their dad giving him a box of Playboys. (Definitely not true). I should add that she is known to be gullible, but I had to check it out while he was at school. Well, what I found was about 200 candy wrappers and a couple of pounds unopened candy. He’s in trouble for it- I don’t allow food in the bedrooms, but given that I was thinking I’d find porn, I’m a lot relieved.

Coach Richie has worked with thousands of young adults that rebelled in their teenage years and either ended up in prison or addicted to alcohol and drugs. Their parents didn’t have the resources and tools they needed to save their children. This show is a tool and a resource a parent raising a teen can use to help them through this most difficult stage in their child’s life. We thought the two’s were terrible. We had no idea what was to come especially when it comes to teenager breaks the rules. So check it out. Send in your questions to whatsup@richiepryor.com and get some advice on what you need to eliminate the stress out of your life and help your teenager become a successful and emotionally intelligent adult.


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