Teenage Son Refuses Punishment

Teenage Son Refuses Punishment. In this video Coach Richie fields a question from a mom who has grounded her son for a month and he is not having anything to do with that insanity. The mom is struggling with his disrespect for her rules and wants to know if there is an alternative punishment that could be unleashed on the teenager. Coach Richie coaches this mom through this challenge and helps her find some of the answers to her own questions about her teenage son refuses punishment by having her ask herself better questions than How to hold a teenager hostage.

Coach Richie has worked with thousands of young adults that rebelled in their teenage years and either ended up in prison or addicted to alcohol and drugs. Their parents didn’t have the resources and tools they needed to save their children. This show is a tool and a resource a parent raising a teen can use to help them through this most difficult stage in their child’s life. We thought the two’s were terrible. We had no idea what was to come. So check it out. Send in your questions to whatsup@richiepryor.com and get some advice on what you need to eliminate the stress out of your life and help your teenager become a successful and emotionally intelligent adult. For more information and on parenting teens, free classes and to get your questions submitted to the show. check out the links below. http://www.richiepryor.com instagram: @therichardpryor Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/richiepryor

Got questions? Need Support. www.richiepryor.com to discover how to live drama free in 60 days even with a teenager

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