Teenage Daughter Drama Escalates

Teenage Daughter Drama Escalates. In this video coach Richie helps a mom that feels as though she is a victim in her circumstances in life as Her teenage daughter drama escalates to the point where the mom is on the verge of a nervous breakdown while raising a half a dozen children.

Coach Richie coaches this mom through her challenges to help her see what she can’t. Her daughter is trying to show her through her attitude and behavior that the mom’s victim mentality is toxic to not only her but to the entire family. This mom is under an extreme amount of pressure with the challenges she is facing in life and has no hope. Coach Richie helps by helping her ask herself some better questions that she can use to to start making the changes in her life. So she can stop being the victim and move forward to designing a better life for herself and her children.

Coach Richie has worked with thousands of young adults that rebelled in their teenage years and either ended up in prison or addicted to alcohol and drugs. Their parents didn’t have the resources and tools they needed to save their children. This is why Coach Richie delivers these power coaching conversations to help parents give their children the support they need as well as help the parents to start living drama free.

Send in your questions to whatsup@richiepryor.com and get some advice on what you need to eliminate the stress out of your life and help your teenager become a successful and emotionally intelligent adult.

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