A Gift Of Healing and Hope To Families That Lost Loved Ones To Covid-19

A Gift Of Hope and Healing To Families That Lost Loved Ones To Covid-19.
Richard Pryor is gifting a downloadable version of his book Warriors Of Life to all the loving souls who lost a loved one to the Corona Virus.

It is his hope that this gift brings some hope and healing to those families suffering with the loss of a grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, brother, sister, son and daughter. The journey of grief is a long and painful road. This is your own journey that takes time and requires an abundance of patience and love to heal your broken heart.

Remember those magical memories you had with your loved one and please know that the path forward to healing can only be taken one step at a time.

Grief cannot be pushed aside or rushed. So find support from your family members, friends and support groups. The biggest gift someone can give you during these painful times is just listening.

The biggest gift you can give the world is to share this message with others so this gift of hope and healing gets into the hands of families that need it.


All my love and support to all the families out their on their journey of grief.You are in our thoughts and Prayers. You Are Never Alone.All our Love.The Pryor Family. XO

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  1. That was a wonderful inspiring message sent from your heart. I truly hope anyone who has lost someone can feel the hope you have after living through it.

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