Growing through Grief Workshop

With Author and Life Coach Richard Pryor and Amazing Co-Host Barbara Pryor

“You are not alone on your journey of grief”

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My wife and I lost our son Richie 3 years ago. He passed away in his sleep at the age of 27 years old. The only comfort we got during those first horrific years was when we were able to share our stories and struggles with other bereaved parents.  I needed to make some sense out of us losing our son. Therefore, I wrote a book about grief to help parents with the struggles of this tragedy and needed to do more. That is why we created this workshop in hopes of connecting with other parents to give them hope, support and love on their journey. Share our stories of our children with each other and figure out what our new world is all about.

Who is this for? This special workshop is for parents that have lost a child.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is the most traumatic event that can occur in our lives.. Especially if you have lost a child which creates an enormous hole in your heart that leads you into a hole of darkness in your subconscious that you think you will never climb out of.There are friends and family that will try to console you and mistakenly say things that didn’t mean. Time heals all wounds, God needed him or her, Aren’t you over your grief yet. I call Bullshit, I lived through it and unless you have a loss of this magnitude these comments only damage us more.  As a friend or family member of someone who has lost a child, all we want is someone to listen to us. Life has dealt us  a severe blow that is hard to get back from and we are trying to process so many emotions we have a difficult time of keeping track of them.

There is hope down the line it is not an easy battle against the external forces that will try to hold you down and keep you from moving forward on your journey of grief. Unfortunately, there is not a tremendous amount of help available for bereaved parents and they are left by themselves to embark on their journey of grief alone.
In our time of need we were in a dark hole of depression with no way out. Some friends were there for us, but in the end we were left to figure it out.

-Richard Pryor

Here’s how this can change your life. A team to support you on your journey of grief. An environment of love and support to help you with your daily challenges and struggles. Learn from other bereaved parents that have walked a similar path in life. An opportunity to be honest with ourselves and each other and discuss the hard questions we have and figure out a way to move forward. Coaching on helping you take small steps on your journey of healing and discovering what lies ahead. A tribe of compassion, love and nourishment for your mind, body and soul.

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